What is Vedic Astrology?


The Vedic system of astrology—Jyotisha—originated in India over 5000 years ago through the intuitive insights of divinely inspired seers and the dedication of brilliant mathematicians.  These great sages developed and codified their astrological insights into a vast and unsurpassed body of astrological knowledge which became one of the “limbs” of the Vedas, the most ancient spiritual texts of India.

In the Hindu world-view, our thoughts, feelings and actions—from this and other lifetimes—leave subtle and indelible imprints upon the soul.  The nature and qualities of these imprints are directly reflected in the astrological configuration of the planets at the time of one’s birth.  Vedic astrology interprets these imprints with remarkable accuracy and depth. This profound science and art, inexhaustible in its wisdom, reveals the fundamental karmic patterns and potentials of each individual soul both on a spiritual and a material plane.  Vedic astrology also provides a precise chronology of unfolding experience throughout a person’s lifetime. 

Vedic astrology can provide profound insight into our soul-nature and personality—our strengths and weaknesses, desires and fears, aspirations and obscurations—and how we may best accomplish our purpose or destiny in this life.  I interpret the Vedic chart to illuminate and support your spiritual and material potential and trajectory. A Life Reading provides an overview of the most important issues in your life:

* soul-nature
* personality development and identity
* health
* family relationships
* partnerships
* children
* profession
* life-purpose
* finances and property
* creativity
* spirituality trajectory
* past-life experiences

All consultations are private and confidential, and I’ll provide you with a CD of your reading.  For further information please send me an email or call me. 



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