A Short Bio

Dr. Barry Friedman

I was introduced to Western astrology in my early twenties by my dear friend Millie, who was versed in the theosophical traditions of the early twentieth century.  I found the Western astrological system fascinating, though I had difficulty with some of its premises.  Still, I discovered that astrology was an excellent channel for my intuitive energies.  Four years later, pacing through my apartment in Chicago, wondering what I might possibly propose for a doctoral thesis at the University of Chicago, it came to me in a flash that I must study Hindu astrology. 

I began my study of Hindu Astrology in 1981 in Calcutta, where I lived for several years doing research for my doctoral dissertation.  My astrology guru Pronab (Dulalda) Majumder soon blessed me with the name Aditya (the sun, which rules my astrological ascendent) and I received from my first spiritual guru Ganesh Baba the title of Jyotisha Visharada (“an expert in astrology”), recognizing that I had been a practitioner of Vedic astrology in a past lifetime.  My present spiritual guru Ammachi blessed me as a Vedic astrologer in an hour-long darshan. 

From the beginning I have practiced Vedic astrology as a form of spiritual direction and personal counseling.   My own life experience, including the loss of my family, health issues, professional struggles, the long search for meaning and wholeness – have also given me insight into and empathy for the challenges and opportunities that life brings to us all.

I was also blessed with a vision of my astrological work in the 1990s when, in a dream, I saw a Ouroborus-the cosmic dragon biting its own tail-an ancient symbol of completion, of eternity manifesting in time, and time held in eternity. Two Seers witnessed this epiphany. That vision is the essence of what I offer to each individual according to his/her uniquely configured horoscope.

My academic background includes a B.A. in Religion and Psychology, M.A.’s in Divinity and in Counseling Psychology, and a Ph.D. in South Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago.  My astrological work is informed by more than two decades of training and experience in depth psychotherapy, three decades in the field of the history of religions and world mythology, and a long-term study and practice of Buddhist and Hindu meditation, prayer, yoga and martial arts.  I teach archetypal mythology and dream-work at the Sophia Center of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA.
You can visit my psychotherapy website at: drbarryfriedman.com


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